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      Establish a benchmark for low-carbon eco-city of Shenzhen Guangming New District popularize LED lighting
      Updated£º2014/1/19 22:56:25

      Guangming New District, Shenzhen, to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, over the past year, Guangming New District Administrative Committee in the area of public lighting in the area to comprehensively promote the popularity of LED lighting products that promote the use of LED lighting products work step a new level.

      LED lights transform dramatically over the task

      Reporters from the Bureau learned through taking Guangming New District, 2013, in Shenzhen City, LED street reconstruction task, Guangming New District reported plan number 9965, completed a total of 12,738 actual total task 128%, significantly exceeding the task. Among them, in the May 28, 2012 has new LED lights 6145, as of November 2013 to complete the transformation of 6593 LED lights scattered. In addition, there are 2968 LED lights use government investment to transform the work has been completed the relevant tender.

      Currently, Guangming Road, light bridge, road and sightseeing White Pine Road and other main roads have been basically using LED street lighting systems, "green road" has become a new area of building a beautiful landscape of green Metro line.

      Government agencies take the lead in building renovation indoor LED lights

      Guangming New District, not only in the promotion of the outdoor LED lights, still in office and other office buildings interior LED lights transform the current building has been transformed Guangming New District Administrative Committee completed 5816, Guangming Hospital 5014, a bright office 3569.

      The transformation of the area LED lighting system is focused on creating green industry, Guangming New District, green building, green transportation, green space, green image of the city, we should promote an important part of modern green Metro construction. Guangming New District to build the quality of light, the speed of light, park light, green light, bright happy development goals, and strive to improve the level of urban development, improving peoples livelihood, comprehensive, three-dimensional building bright green cities New efforts to achieve "park in the city, the city park, "the effort to build the" Shenzhen Green Valley ", Shenzhen to build national low-carbon eco-demonstration city establish a benchmark.


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