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      ?LED street reconstruction project can save 1.5 billion yuan a year
      Updated£º2014/1/19 23:00:11

      LED is a high efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly next-generation light source. To speed up its application, the promotion of energy conservation, and pull LED lighting and related industries, the province began implementing the "three universal LED public lighting," the program of work. Yesterday, the provincial government took the lead in the field of public lighting requirements, namely the field of road lighting project finance, public places, government agencies, state-owned or state-owned enterprises, such as capital investment and construction, promote the use of LED lighting products is completed. From now on, all these areas using the new LED lighting products; non-LED lighting products for use in the transformation of the existing three years to complete.
      LED lighting is environmentally friendly and save money

      According to the "embodiment" of the project, the province will implement roads, public places, government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions of the LED lighting demonstration project, so next year more than 50% of lighting energy caliber and pull the LED industry to the province. " Twelfth Five-Year "period to achieve annual output value of 50 billion yuan. Original non-LED lighting products, before the end of 2014 to implement the transformation was complete. Pearl River Delta region which strive to take the lead before the end of next year to complete. Meanwhile, public lighting demonstration areas and to promote the relevant supporting policies to promote all areas of society to promote the application of LED lighting products, to cover rural areas.

      The past three years, the provinces high-power LED products have lower prices by about 2/3. However, this fixture is still more expensive than traditional lamps. So why do you want to promote it? According to the Provincial Science and Technology Department is responsible for implementation of the project is estimated not only to promote the use of LED energy-saving and environmental protection, and in fact due to the durable and low consumption lamps, economic application is also very prominent. For example, the province of 2 million LED street reconstruction project total investment of 4.89 billion yuan. After the transformation, the annual electricity savings only for lights and fees for up to 15 billion yuan. Throughout the LED lifetime (about 9 years), a total savings of 10.8 billion kwh electricity, equivalent to saving 3.79 million tons of standard coal, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 70,000 tons, 2.68 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions to reduce, reduce soot emissions 70,000 tons , a huge benefit.

      If the total number of LED lights in Guangzhou has been applied to about 100,000, more energy-saving rate of 50%. As the first year of the establishment of China Southern Power Grid integrated energy company, the implementation of the 33 contract energy management projects annual savings of 25.17 million kwh electricity. Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau office and its implementation Shaoguan Cadence mall LED lighting retrofit projects, energy-saving rate of 70%, the average illuminance and color rendering index has increased by more than 20%.

      Tax incentives help to promote

      I learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department, for the application of LED in the city, along with additional electricity from the utility to extract the energy efficiency levied proportionally LED retrofit investments can pay, and can produce significant economic benefits and energy savings effect.

      According to statistics, the provinces urban construction standards imposed surcharges of 1.4 cents / kWh, actually used for the operation and maintenance of street lighting and electricity expenses of 0.6-0.7 cents / kWh, and therefore does not affect the income and expenditure of urban construction surcharges balance.

      Reconstruction project to promote the use of contract energy management mode of operation, namely around the designated competent authorities as public lighting business unit owners to determine the energy services company, supervision agencies, energy audits and energy assessment services through tender. Also, the power to implement the main role of demand side management, to achieve a load of road lighting intelligent control and effective management.

      The project will implement the national and provincial tax incentives, such as the annual energy savings by applying one-time financial incentives, namely the central and provincial incentives for energy efficiency standard of 320 yuan / ton of standard coal. It may also enjoy the corresponding tax breaks.

      Provincial requirements: around the level corresponding to the listing to immediately formulate goals, develop a clear time schedule, promote the implementation of application engineering. Hai Ba provincial government to promote the inclusion of application tasks over and above the governments energy conservation assessment of the scope and conduct an annual assessment notification from this year.

      ¡ñ count afterwards

      Transformation of the former (to 2 million street lights to count):

      Street light fixtures to replace the annual electricity + cost of about 2.5 billion yuan;

      After the transformation:

      If all of the provinces road lighting with LED lights, more than two terms of total cost savings of 1.5 billion yuan;

      According to the savings in electricity and maintenance costs to be considered, the LED lifetime (about nine years), the local fiscal revenue available to saving about 74 million.


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