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             After many years of hard work, Zhongshan Perfect Lighting Co., Ltd. has developed into a large-scale enterprise that integrates design, development, production and sales with outdoor lighting as the main body and multi-type products and industries.
            Insist on innovation is the core competitiveness of the company is the source of the growth and development of PERFECT. Over the years, the company has continuously optimized its products and integrated advanced technological elements to enhance its market competitiveness. Through continuous learning and inviting relevant experts to guide, PERFECT 's product style is very good to meet the needs of local culture, unique shape, good lighting effect, quality ranks in the forefront of the industry. Through communication with customers and feedback from after-sales service, the company constantly improves and renews its own products and production processes, making PERFECT Lighting a world-class lighting brand. The product types are continuously enriched. In recent years, various products have been developed, such as LED lighting engineering lamps, solar lighting lamps, non-standard landscape lighting lamps, etc. These products are integrated with advanced technology elements, high quality and performance. Stable, well adapted to the needs of the development of the times.
             Based on the belief that product quality is the company's first competitiveness, PERFECT Lighting strictly controls and manages the production process and production process, introduces advanced management concepts and production equipment, conducts vocational training for employees, and guarantees the products of the factory. The appearance and quality are unparalleled. Based on the concept of ¡°Quality First, Credit Management¡±, the products have been highly praised by customers at all levels, including government agencies at all levels, real estate developers and garden companies. The products are widely used in municipal engineering, real estate development zones, garden landscapes, Places such as leisure places have created a beautiful living environment for the masses of the society, which confirms the slogan of ¡°Lighting the City¡± by PERFECT Lighting. The company's product styles are more than 8,000 kinds, the products are beautiful in appearance, different in style and unique in design. Products, in addition to being warmly enjoyed in the country, are also exported to all parts of the world and are developing towards the corporate goal of ¡°going to the world¡±.
            PERFECT Lighting pays attention to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, pays attention to personnel training, and is committed to management in accordance with international corporate standards, and strives to become a united, combative management team, research team, production team, sales team and The service team is a modern enterprise.
            Based on the present and moving towards the future, PERFECT Lighting will continue to carry out technological innovation, improve the competitiveness of the company and work together with the community to achieve a better future based on the concept of "quality first, integrity management".




      Showroom Addr.:No. 35, North of east coast road,Guzhen town,Zhongshan,Guangdong,China
      factory Addr.:Caosan Industrial District,Guzhen town,Zhongshan,Guangdong,China
      13925366665 Mr Wnag
      13924958187 Miss Chen

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